Friday, June 10, 2011


The title was said by my friend Rell. We were joking around and suddenly she bursts out with that. It was pretty damn funny in my opinion. It's also fits because today's blog is about...


Yes, as I type this, I'm getting ready to take part in the 7th annual Indianapolis LGBT Pride Parade and Festival. I've gone every year since '06, and have loved it more each time. It gives me and all my friends a place where we belong. Where we're not freaks because we happen to be gay/bi. It feels good to be surrounded by people who feel the same way. And the atmosphere is just amazing. It's like one big party that doesn't ever seem to end. This year, though, me and my friends ARE WALKING IN THE PARADE. That's huge for my buddy Demyx, who just came out to his parents this year. He wanted me there because I've been open about it since '06. He said that I've always been an inspiration to him because of how open I am about it. I was honored by that. Me and Demyx have been friends for going on 10 years, and we've never been closer.


OMFG THE HONDA CIVIC TOUR IS COMING TO INDY. This year, both blink-182 and My Chemcial Romance are on the tour. Those bands are my two favorite bands of possibly all time. The tickets are affordable too, so I'm so there.

Right, that's enough outta me. I'll post pics of Pride sometime in the next week. Love ya!

- Iain

Since you're all still here, have an aweosme picture or two. ^^

Monday, May 23, 2011

Therapy...don't mean to much to meh...

Yeah, I know. That's two MCR song referencing titles in a row, but dammit, MCR is the shit. Deal with it.


Teh Fluffeh's messed up in the head, and in not in a good way. I went to see the doc and he says my ass needs therapy. I'm kinda terrified of it, but I know I need it. I don't like feeling extremly angry and depressed all the time. It kinda sucks.


So, yeah. I get to walk in the Indy Pride parade this year. I'm SUUUUUUUUUUUUPER excited for it. I've gone to Pride every year since 2006. Going to Pride helped me realize I'm gay and gave me the courage to come out. I love it.

That it for today, folks. I hope to have more tomorrow. ^^

You still here? Damn, you got determination, kid. Here, have a funny MCR pic. ^^

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Planetary (Maybe?)


 I got new chucks. All black. Kinda like my soul. JK, my soul was removed to fit all the sarcasm in. Anyway, this is like my fourth pair of Converse is like 2 years. I go through 'em quick. It kinda sucks because I love those things. They're comfotable as hell, and their punk rawkiness is ovah 9,000. Ferrealz, yo.


So yeah, I'm listening to music as I do this. It's how I get through a day. My music can fit into any situation I get into. Whether I'm mad or sad or angry or happy. It's always there for me. Currently I'm listening to my Grooveshark playlist. I'll put a link to it at the end. It's pretty badass. A lot of MCR, AFI, Linkin Park, Green Day, NoFX, and blink-182. What can I say? I like me some fast, dangerous, and violent pop.


I'm possibly getting a job. It's kinda awseome, because I'll finally have money! :D That's my only motivation, really. That sounds bad, but it's true. I have expensive taste. So sue me.

Well, that's about it, ladies and gentlemen. Don't forget to comment and follow this blog. I love you all and please never FTBA. ^^


[Oh yeah, the Grooveshark's being stupid. I'll figure it out soon though. ^^]

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome to Teh Fluffeh blog.

Hi. I'm Teh Fluffeh. This is my blog, which really isn't anything more than me ranting about stupid shit whcih either makes me happy or mad. Follow me anyway, though, because I promise you'll enjoy yourself. ^^